You have options.

Our nationally recognized program offers standardized, victim-centric options to anyone considering reporting sexual violence to law enforcement.

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"I wasn't sure in the beginning if I could go to trial but you still put in the effort and now he's in prison. I would never have worked with police without this program. Thank you for changing my mind about cops."
- Sexual assault victim after her attacker was sentenced

What is the You Have Options Program?

We certify law enforcement agencies to ensure your sexual assault reporting process is carried out with respect, privacy and without pressure through its entirety.

You always maintain control.

All certified You Have Options Program law enforcement agencies:
  • receive specialized training in the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview┬« (FETI) from its governing body, Certified FETI.
  • sign the YHOP agreement (MOU) committing to a victim-centered approach
  • give you control to decide where, when and how you want to report to law enforcement
  • adhere to our program's 20 elements

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