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A message from the Bolivar Police Chief Mark Webb:

The best advice I have ever received was simple; Do the right thing. Throughout my career in law enforcement, I have strived to do just that and to treat people the way I would hope to be treated if the roles were reversed. Sometimes the best way to do that is listen and believe.

​Unfortunately, this has not always been the perspective or practice of the police. By participating in the You Have Options Program, we at the Bolivar Police Department are demonstrating our commitment to encourage and listen to victims of sexual assault. We further demonstrate our willingness and desire to address the concerns and barriers that so often prevent people from reporting the crime that has happened to them, or someone they love.

​We take great pride in our community and honestly believe that our citizen’s deserve the best and most professional law enforcement that we can provide. To meet that goal, I have ensured that each one of our officers has received training on victim-centered investigations and the importance of advocacy to those persons who have had so much taken from them at the hands and decisions of others. Also, our investigators have been extensively trained in advanced techniques and strategies of sexual assault investigations and trauma informed investigations.

​We recognize that reporting to law enforcement is the first small step of a long road that survivors of sexual assault take towards regaining security, dignity, and control over their lives. We understand that this process is different for each person and must be done when they are ready. No employee of the Bolivar Police Department will force a survivor to make a decision about reporting, or their participation in a criminal investigation. Further, we will only work at the pace right for the survivor, regardless of any criminal investigation. Our first priority is the personal safety and mental health of the survivor.

​I welcome all of our citizens to learn more about the You Have Options Program and the Bolivar Police Department’s response to sexual assault investigations. Much of this information can be found within the pages of this website, but all of my staff are also at your service to answer any questions you may have. There is never a need to provide any identifying information to have questions answered or help in obtaining advocacy services.


Mark Webb