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When can someone not make an information only report?

A report may not remain “information only” or “partial” if a reporter provides information about an incident that meets the standard of a mandatory law enforcement response such as certain incidents of domestic violence, child sexual assault or immediate threat to safety. 

Is there a way to contact someone who submits an anonymous report?

Yes. If a reporter chooses to provide the name of another person, often a support person or advocate, in their report they can provide permission to law enforcement for them to contact that person.  For example, the YHOP online reporting form has multiple options for future contact.

What happens if an anonymous report is provided to law enforcement, but the information provided within the report unintentionally identifies the reporter?

Once law enforcement receives information it should be documented as it was it received.  Effort should be made to respect the intention of the original report.

Can I make an information only report without revealing who I am or who the offender is?

Information only reports may include any information the reporter is able to share.  There are no requirements about the minimum amount of information.

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